Which NBA Players Need a Fresh Start for 2023 Season

We are deep into the NBA offseason, but there are still a lot of moves left to be made. There are players still available via trade as well as a good amount of free agents with something still left in the tank. There are also some teams that haven’t filled all their needs and some teams that are still waiting on certain dominos to fall. I have kept my eye on some names that I’m surprised haven’t been moved by now, but these are just some landing spots I would personally like to see.

4 Team Trade gives NY their Spida-man

Cavs receive Tim Hardaway Jr and Evan Fournier, and Cam Reddish

Mavs receive Kevin Love and Collin Sexton

Jazz receive Lauri Markannen, Cam Reddish, Obi Toppin, Josh Green, Frank Ntilikina and Immanuel Quickley and picks

Knicks receive Donovan Mitchell

This one is a lot to follow, but that’s why I’ll start off with this. Obviously picks have to be involved to make this happen, but I took care of the players side of it. I can already hear people laughing this off, but trust me, it makes some sense for all teams involved. Lets start with the Cavs. Garland, Jarret Allen, and Evan Mobley seem to be the main core for the Cavs. Sexton is a solid scorer but having Levert there makes Sexton expandable. His fit next to Garland was never perfect and Rubio showed he was pretty good as the secondary playmaker before getting injured last season. With the Cavs also having Allen and Mobley for the foreseeable future, Kevin Love and Markkanen are not key pieces for this team either. Getting some shooting next to those bigs and Garland does make sense though.

For the Mavs, this seems easy. Mavs lost Brunson so Sexton would be a great contributor behind Luka and would give another consistent scoring option. The hardest part of this entire trade is the Mavs landing Love as well. Love’s fit next to Christian Wood would be interesting but at the very least, you are giving Luka a better chance at winning.

For the Jazz, they really do not need to make any moves. Mitchell hasn’t requested a trade and he is still under contract, but it seems like the question is when will he and not if he will. But if they do, they will be receiving a haul. They already got a huge package in return for Rudy Gobert who wasn’t really looked at the star of the team, so what can the star go for? As mentioned earlier, I didn’t put the picks in the trade details, but obviously the Jazz would be receiving at least 3 in return. They’ll get an ample amount of young talent as well to help the rebuild. The problem with them is making roster space in spereate trades from all the players that were already on the roster in addition to the ones acquired in the Gobert trade.

Finally for the Knicks, why not? You get a young star to pair with Brunson, Barrett and Julius Randle. No matter how many picks it takes, I don’t see why the Knicks don’t make a move for Mitchell.

Jazz embrace a rebuild

Jazz receive Devonte Graham, Larry Nance Jr, and Garrett Temple

Pelicans receive Mike Conley and Rudy Gay

One thing you can count on during a rebuild is the team will always look to trade away all the vets they possibly can along with any long term money. After trading away Gobert to get younger, keeping Conley and Gay doesn’t make too much sense. Neither one has high trade value Conley only averaged 13.7 PPG which is his lowest in over a decade. Rudy Gay at this point in his career his a role player and veteran presence. This gives the Pelicans another reliable ball handler and a little bit of veteran depth which is good when your stars are young. A lineup of Conley, CJ, Ingram, Zion and Jonas would be a very exciting team to watch and should definitely guarantee a playoff spot even in the rejuvenated west.

The Jazz would be receiving 2 young-ish players in return and Garrett Temple who they could either keep to have a veteran presence in such a young locker room or cut him. Getting Graham reunites him with his former teammate before the NBA in Donvovan Mitchell. Larry Nance gives them an athletic big that knows and plays his role. I see this as a win-win.

*If this trade doesn’t work, the Pels could also be in the market for another Jazz guard in Patrick Beverly.

Hornets steal the Lakers trade

Pacers Receive Gordon Hayward and Mason Plumlee and 2 1st round picks

Hornets Receive Buddy Hield and Myles Turner

Haywards inability to keep him on the floor as well as the Hornets style of play make it easy to look to trade the 32 year old forward. What makes it hard is his contract. He still has 2 years and roughly $60 mil owed. Similar to Westbrook, Hayward will most likely have to be packaged with picks.

The Pacers, who are currently rebuilding would love the picks and may even keep Hayward instead of buying him out. Hayward and Plumlee would both be returning home to Indiana to play and neither one is a star so they may not affect the rebuilding process.

The Hornets would be getting much needed help at the center position and shooting next to Lamelo. Between Lamelo, Rozier and Hield, not much defense will be played but at least now you will have a shot blocker in the paint.

Tobias bounces around again

Philly Receives Doug Mcdermott, Brandon Clarke and Dillon Brooks

Memphis Receives Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson

San Antonio Receives Steven Adams, Danny Green and a future 1st round pick

Out of all of these wild trade scenarios and proposals, this maybe the least likely to happen since Philly and Memphis already had one trade with each other this offseason. If it were to happen though, I think it works for every team involved.

Memphis would be getting a proven scorer in Harris and would possibly be sliding JJJ to the 5 which would help spread the floor for Ja. Josh Richardson would also help on picking up the tough defensive assignment along with Desmond Bane. Getting rid if Brooks and Clarke may hurt, but it could prove to be worth it.

Philly would be getting off of Tobias contract as well as adding depth and shooting which is always a good move when your team is centered around Embiid and Harden.

Spurs are just helping facilitate, but really speeding up their rebuild by getting a pick and getting off longer contracts

Other Possible signings

Kemba goes to Dallas to replace Brunson

Kemba showed flashes last year of having just a little left in the tank and what he showed is enough to get him on another team. Although the Mavs had Dinwiddie, they still would like another playmaker next to Luka and Kemba could be that guy off the bench.

Boogie goes to backup Embiid

Boogie has been through a long and tough journey. From being the most dominant big in the game still looking for a team to stay on and only being only 31 years old. He has been playing backup for the last few seasons so why not go to the team where the starting center is going to miss some time and you have a chance to win. The question is, would boogie and Harden mesh after Harden’s Houston exit?

Comment or email any suggestions or trade ideas you have!